Michael Suede

Obamacare Tax Surcharge Unconstitutional – Arguments

Phil Hart reports: The current attempt by today’s White House Administration to impose more big government on the American People by way of the “single payer option” for healthcare is as unconstitutional as gun confiscation or the elimination of free speech. Obamacare will be funded with a health care surcharge on the today’s income tax,…

Where Does Money Come From And Why Do We Have It?

Tom Woods provides us with a fabulous explanation of how money came about and why its origins are so important. I think Tom is an excellent speaker as far as economists go. He is entertaining and loaded with excellent information.  The talk is geared for those who are new to Austrian economics. This is another…

Anarchy! – Why We Need It

Robert P. Murphy of the Mises Institute delivers a fantastic Presented to Dr. Brad Birzer’s seminar on "American Order and Disorder," Hillsdale College, 02-09-2005. Bookmark the thread and listen to it while you have some down time at work. Murphy describes his brand as "free market anarchism". Share this post :