Michael Suede

Tanker Struck By Torpedo? This Sailor Doesn’t Think So.

Supposedly this is a picture of a tanker that was struck by an Iranian torpedo yesterday: As a former sailor, I personally think that’s a load of bull. Most modern torpedoes don’t run into the sides of ships at the waterline.  They are programmed to explode directly under the keel. When a torpedo explodes directly…

YouTube Deletes Black Pigeon Speaks

YouTube deleted the Black Pigeon Speaks channel last night.  No reason given.  No warning given.  His last video was pointing out that Carlos Maza is a political activist and not an actual reporter, which is probably why his channel was banned.  But don’t worry, you can still see all his content over on his BitChute channel.

Update 6/14/19: YouTube restored the channel after mass outrage.  I still recommend subscribing to BitChute. It’s only a matter of time until they come after all of us.

In The UK, Reporting Pedophilia Is Now A Crime

Britain orders police to track down and arrest people who track down and report pedophiles. The Mirror reports: National police chiefs have ordered local forces to crackdown hard on vigilante groups who track down suspected paedophiles. The guidance tells officers not only not to work with groups who are trying to catch potential child predators…

Insider: Pintrest Censors Christian and Conservative Content

A worker at Pintrest provided internal documentation to Project Veritas detailing how Pintrest censors terms like  “Bible”, “Christian”, “Bible Verse”, pro-life sites, Ben Shapiro, etc.. etc… but does not censor terms like Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc… etc…   Apparently the company is run by unhinged anti-white SJWs according to an anonymous interview the informant provided.    

Google’s CEO Reminds Us Why We Should Switch To DuckDuckGo

This is a Project Veritas report that shows a Google insider explaining how Google uses machine learning to actively suppress conservative content online. Update: YouTube banned the video, full video can be found on Project Veritas’ site, as well as embedded below. From Grabien.com Google’s CEO says he wants to see YouTube expand its crackdown on…

Understanding the Unbearable Whiteness of Farming

Just an FYI from Washington State University: We need more time too[sic] examine that unbearable whiteness of farming to meaningfully address systems of power that maintain inequality and injustice. For example, there is a growing movement to address black land loss due to discriminatory government policy as well as a lack of access to capital…