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@gab @GabSupport The RSS feed for profiles doesn’t take post visibility into account. It publishes posts that are marked as unlisted or followers only to a public feed. Along with that, the embed post feature’s CSS formatting isn’t working.

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*spits coffee all over monitor*

“Unconscious bias includes using language, symbolism and nonverbal cues that reinforce normative social identities with respect to gender, race, sexual preference and socioeconomic status,” Bonomi said. “For example, when the virtual background of a Zoom meeting attendee has pictures of his or her wedding, it unintentionally reinforces the idea that marriage is most fitting between opposite sexes.”

LOL! This thing is a director of a children and youth institute.

Academics say using a wedding or family photo for your Zoom background is offensive | The College Fix

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Twatter censoring a Presidential post about Twatter censoring. To be honest, everyone who uses Twatter deserves to be censored, because it means they are too stupid to realize everyone who matters is already on Gab.

Twitter Censors Donald Trump Tweet Calling Out Censorship – It’s Time to Address Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media | The Red Elephants

Cop Gets Fired For Posting Video About People’s Constitutional Rights & Liberties Being Violated

Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson says he was terminated after a video surfaced online, in that video he talks about how police are trampling on people’s rights and liberties and talks about how unconstitutional police are being in America. In the video, he says he was given an ultimatum, take the video down, or be terminated. Anderson says in the video he has decided not to take down the video and has accepted the termination of his employment. His original video can be seen here, https://youtu.be/UlbVeRxAtaU

Contribute to this good cop’s life here.

Nurse Says NY Patients Are Being Murdered By Insane Policy

Well this explains why NY’s death rate is off the charts compared to the rest of the country.  The DM is reporting that nurses are resigning due to the insane murderous protocols they are being forced to follow.

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi from Accelerated Urgent Care held a press conference at their Coffee Road facility to talk about corona virus trends and its impact on the economy.  These doctors in California note that testing shows 12% of everyone in California has antibodies for the COVID19 Wuhan Corona Virus, yet the CA medical system is so under-utilized from a lack of patients that they are furloughing doctors — clearly something foul is going on in NY.

Antibody testing shows a lethality rate of .03% in California; about the same as a bad flu season.


Here’s a link to the video that can’t be censored.  This is why everyone who makes content on YouTube should always have a mirror channel on BitChute.

I live in CA. I’m convinced I had it back in August of 2019.  I got so sick I had to take a week off of work.  I remember distinctly thinking to myself that if I was 80, that flu would have probably killed me.  This virus has been around for a while.  When widespread antibody testing becomes available, I’ll be sure to update with my results.

NYC Announces They Will Bury Coronavirus Dead In City Parks As Dead Bodies Overwhelm City

NYC Councilman Mark D. Levine put out a tweet the other day saying over 200 people a day are dying at home from the Wuhan corona virus, with many of those not being counted as having died from the corona virus due to a lack of available testing.

He stated that hospital morgues and refrigerator trucks were packed with dead bodies, and the funeral home system has been overwhelmed to the point where they will need to temporarily bury people in parks until they are able to get on top of the burial demand.  He also requested additional voluntary mortuary workers.