Articles involving crony-capitalism and tyrannical government.

Tommy Robinson Arrested

Tommy Robinson was yanked off the street and thrown in jail for 13 months for contempt of court because he was live streaming the trial of a rape gang from the court house steps.  The British Government then ordered the story of his arrest be removed from news sites. Tommy will most likely be killed…

Man Convicted For Nazi Pug Joke

The court ruled that offending people is grounds for conviction.  I would steer clear of the UK from now on.

Edit.. It looks like YouTube banned the videos of Tommy Robinson, who was outside the court house reporting on the criminal actions of the UK government at the time.  Wow, this just gets creepier by the minute.

Last week the UK government banned several journalists who wanted to come into the country to interview a right wing political activist.

The Truth About Seth Rich

Molyneux explains why the very existence of any Seth Rich / WikiLeaks connection exposes massive corruption in the Democratic Party.

Kimdotcom is now saying he was involved in the leaks, and has poof that Seth Rich was the leaker.

In other news, investigative journalist Mike Cernovich is saying that the information that was leaked to the WaPo went well beyond what Trump discussed, and was of such detail that had foreign intelligence been in on the conversation between the WaPo and this leaker, that they would have been able to identify the foreign intelligence asset by name.