The Fabulous and Frightening Future of Helmet Use

Would automobile drivers be safer wearing a helmet? It works for NASCAR drivers.

Since household injury is greatest in the bathroom, why not require a helmet for such a dangerous place, especially in a slippery shower?

Surely,everyone can be a little more secure with a helmet on, whatever the activity. And future Smart Helmets could protect us from biological and chemical dangers, both natural and man-made.

But predicting future helmet-requirement laws can be a dangerous (and comedic) proposition.

Rules for helmet use have inspired Safety vs. Liberty debates. Better Safe than Sorry routinely squares off with Nanny-State concerns. Which side is in the right? Who holds the moral high ground?

One thing consistently missing from this conflict is a sense of humor. You’d better wipe that smile off your face (in the face of) this emotionally charged issue.

Enter “Helmet Required,” a short cartoon-illustrated storybook that does not resolve the problem. Instead, the What-If possibilities of helmet use are blown out of proportion to comedic effect. The story’s political resonance is a nice side benefit.

Steve Ross is the author of “Helmet Required,” a dystopian comedy.

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  • Tom

    Many children and older adults fall out of bed and are injured as well. So seatbelts should be mandatory in bed.

    Speaking of bed, most authorities say that using condoms save lives – so there need to be laws mandating condom use. And most likely, there will be spot inspections by law enforcement officers, to make sure you’re using your bed belts and your condoms.