The Fabulous and Frightening Future of Helmet Use

Would automobile drivers be safer wearing a helmet? It works for NASCAR drivers.

Since household injury is greatest in the bathroom, why not require a helmet for such a dangerous place, especially in a slippery shower?

Surely,everyone can be a little more secure with a helmet on, whatever the activity. And future Smart Helmets could protect us from biological and chemical dangers, both natural and man-made.

But predicting future helmet-requirement laws can be a dangerous (and comedic) proposition.

Rules for helmet use have inspired Safety vs. Liberty debates. Better Safe than Sorry routinely squares off with Nanny-State concerns. Which side is in the right? Who holds the moral high ground?

One thing consistently missing from this conflict is a sense of humor. You’d better wipe that smile off your face (in the face of) this emotionally charged issue.

Enter “Helmet Required,” a short cartoon-illustrated storybook that does not resolve the problem. Instead, the What-If possibilities of helmet use are blown out of proportion to comedic effect. The story’s political resonance is a nice side benefit.

Steve Ross is the author of “Helmet Required,” a dystopian comedy.

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