A Final Salute To William Norman Grigg

The movement for freedom lost an important player yesterday.  William Norman Grigg died, aged 54, apparently from an infection. William is survived…

Canadian Government Goes Full 1984 – Creates Approved News List

The Canadian government is creating a 595 million dollar journalism “bailout” fund to keep their failing communist agitprop mouthpieces operating.  To make sure the 595 million is distributed only to communist agitators, the Canadian government will also be creating an “approved” list of “reliable” news sources that will be eligible for the “bailout” money.  Fucking disgusting.

Soph’s New BitChute Channel

Soph’s new BitChute channel.  She just uploaded some new content exclusive to BitChute making fun of a fat communist kid and it’s hilarious.  Looks like she had to move over to BitChute after the MSM went ape shit over her video mocking Muslims on YouTube. Alex Jones just did an interview with her 5/15/19:

14 Year Old Girl Unloads Better Than Louis CK

I just ran into this little girl’s YouTube channel the other day and was left damn near speechless.  This girl is singularly responsible for restoring a speck of hope in me that western civilization will continue beyond the 21st century. To say her commentary is edgy would be a monumental understatement.  I can’t believe she…

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